Dear friends/dear colleagues:

One of the main missions of the EAU Section of Andrological Urology (ESAU) is the promotion of education in andrology not only within the core of the Europe but also on the bridge between Europe and Asia. Andrology may serve as an attractive connective bridge for scientists worldwide regardless of nationality, race, religion, and family background. Therefore the ESAU, in collaboration with the Turkish Association of Urology is organizing a Scientific Meeting in Bodrum, Turkey on May 21, 2017 aiming to stimulate brainstorm discussions and exchange of opinions in topics representing controversies in clinical and experimental andrology.

Discussing about sexual health, sperms, oocytes, and fertilization is a natural way to bring humans closer since our life has started from the appointment of an oocyte with a spermatozoon few hours after the appointment of the respective female with her male partner.

Let us meet in the attractive, safe, and historical land of Turkey, try to find answers to our scientific questions, meet our colleagues and enjoy the sea and the nature of Bodrum.

Best Regards

Nikolaos Sofikitis
Chair of the EAU Section of Andrological Urology

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

It gives us great pleasure and honour to cordially invite you to the ESAU Bodrum Meeting in collaboration with the Turkish Association of Urology which will be held on 21st May 2017 in Bodrum, Turkey.

With the aim of reaching out to neighboring regions, the EAU and ESAU will unite associations and local sources of member countries together. We have total confidence in this very first meeting which will assemble all urologists, physicians who are interested in sexual medicine, reproductive medicine and other health professionals.

It is truly our privilege to invite you to the ESAU Bodrum Meeting taking place in this historic and beautiful part of the world and creating a scientific bridge between our colleagues.

Ates Kadioglu
Turkish Academy of Urology



Meeting Date
May 21, 2017

Abstract Submission Deadline
April 23, 2017
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